Hoping for moderation

It seems one of

the early themes of 2023 is, “Ex tremes.” We can’t

seem to do things in moderation right now, but everything is like drinking from a fire hose.

The best example is with the weather. For what seems like forever, we’ve been praying and pleading for rain. The water levels are low everywhere, and we really need a strong year to enhance the snow – pack so the spring run-off will be sufficient.

What do we get as a result?

California is under wa – ter. I’m not sure if that’s the most efficient way to get the needed water for the long-term, but cer- tainly it’s not working well in the short team. Cities are flooding and lives are being destroyed.

Here in Utah, much of the state has been buried in snow. It’s great for the skiers, when they can get to the resorts, but it’s not ideal for drivers on some of the state’s most treach erous roads.

Add in the cold, and peo- ple driving with snow piled on top of their cars with ice-encrusted windows extends the danger beyond an individual driver.

Here’s hoping we get better at taking the time to be safe in the extreme weather, and that the resulting water accumu- lation helps solve our drought conditions and low-water reservoirs. Just wish it didn’t all have to pour down at once.

Perhaps taking their cue from the weather, the politicians in Washington have decided to go to ex – tremes instead of working in moderation.

With it all playing out live on C-SPAN, the major – ity party in the House of Representatives decided to battle it out for inter-party power over the selection of a Speaker of the House. We had congressmen wanted to throw punches as a small group held out, using the negotiating power that could impact the chamber going forward, to win concessions from the new Speaker before he was

even in place.

Maybe it was just the presence of the TV cameras in the room, but it seemed like an extreme way to deal with things in a body that should be filled with professional adults.

Speaking of extremes, I’m on Twitter occasion – ally as we promoted our content there, and there are more than a few of our elected officials who spend so much time tweeting and retweeting the same gar- bage that I can’t imagine how they had time to vote for a new Speaker of the House.

We’re halfway through the first month of the year, and I’m really hoping things calm down and we can find moderation. Let’s make that a goal for the rest of this new year.