Strata hosts Super Smash tournament in Roosevelt

Graham Embelton walked away with the win at the Strata Super Smash Tournament held in Roosevelt Saturday.

The competition was fierce, but good-natured, as 16 com – petitors were whittled down to the final two gamers vying for the top spot.

Embelton went undefeated to snag the title, playing against fellow gamer, Red Wolf, in the championship set. The two talked between games about strategies and gave each other advice on Super Smash Brothers game play.

This was the first Super Smash tournament held in the Roosevelt area. Strata had four stations set up for the competi –

tion and one “friendly” station for people to game in between tournament play or for anyone wanting to game that wasn’t involved in the tournament.

Games were played in sets, with the winner of a best-out-offive advancing to the next level. Alchemist Edge held its prod – uct debut at the Super Smash

SUPER SMASH | A3 tournament. Business owner and product designer, Kevin Remington, was there giving samples of his products to everyone who had signed up for the tournament. The herbal supplement is designed to help improve gamer’s playing skills. Cedar Berry Naturals is the local manufacturer of the product. “This is a great opportunity to showcase our product,” said Remington.