Rejuvenate opens in Roosevelt

by Kate Belcher

Dr. Cade Kowallis has opened Rejuvenate in Roosevelt. The ribbon cutting was held Friday by the Chamber of Commerce serving the Duchesne County area, with the grand opening held the following day.

Rejuvenate uses the Theralite 360, made by the TheraLight Company. The company was founded in 2018, and is based out of Lindon, Utah. It has FDA approval and was recently honored with the 2022 LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award.

Currently there are three locations in Utah. Park City, the BYU Athletic Department and here in Roosevelt.

Kowallis described the benefits of red-light therapy that the whole body Theralite 360 provides.

“It induces your body to heal,” he said. “It’s called photobiomodulation therapy. The light actually stimulates your mitochondria to produce more energy and that causes your cells to heal. This can help with sleep, depression, anxiety, and muscle injuries.”

An abstract published by The National Institute of Health stated “Photobiomodulation, also known as low-level laser therapy, can induce cell proliferation and enhance stem cell differentiation. Laser therapy is a non-invasive method that contributes to pain relief and reduces inflammation, parallel to the enhanced healing and tissue repair processes.”

Rejuvenate will operate self-serve style and is open 24/7. Members can access the facility using the GymMaster app, which works with both Apple and Android phones.

Individual membership special runs until the end of the month, $199 a month for unlimited use 24/7. After the end of March, monthly rates go to $299 for unlimited, $249 for 12 sessions and $199 for 8 sessions for new members.

If you sign up in March, you get the $199 unlimited membership rate for life, as long as you maintain your membership.

Visit their website at to sign-up or email for more information.