Whiting makes transition from dancer to Union swimmer

Union High School senior Whitney Whiting didn’t know at first if she should be a member of the swim program her freshman year.

“I had been a dancer for a really long time, for like 10 years before I started to swim,” Whiting said. “My mom told me that you won’t regret doing it, but you will regret it if you don’t do it.”

Whiting listened to her mom’s advice and she has been a key asset the last couple of years.

“It was kind of hard at first because I was still dancing with a local dance studio,” Whiting said. “It has taken a lot of time and effort. My first year was hard, but I also saw myself grow in swimming that I hadn’t seen before. That was exciting and inspired me to keep going.”

The senior said she gained a lot of friends being on the team, while swimming has helped her self-confidence.

“Our team is really close,” Whiting explained. “We cheer for each other and the other teams. We are always kind to each other. I think that it helps that the swimming culture is very welcoming.”

This season Whiting is one of the team captains on the squad.

“It’s a really good opportunity to serve people,” she said. “I really like it. I feel like it has given me a leadership opportunity. I was happy that I was picked, but I believe that any senior on the team could do what I do.”

She was selected by Union coach Justin Schmitt to be in the role.

“Whitney has been a great influence of deter mination and hard work,” Schmitt said. “She always has a positive attitude. She sets the tone for the team in a lot of ways. I was glad she was willing to take on the role of being a captain. Her leadership skills have been exceptional. It has been wonderful to have her.”

Schmitt said Whiting’s times continue to get lower as the season gets near postseason.

“She is really well-rounded,” Schmitt explained. “I could put her in any events, and she could perform well.”

Whiting is a standout for the Lady Cougars in the 200-yard freestyle and the 200-yard individual medley.

“Her favorite events right now are the 200yard freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke,” Schmitt said. “I expect her to qualify for state and compete well.”

Whiting, Abbey Burnham, Belen Embelton, Jocelyn Hyder, Kaylee Lefler, Olea Hadlock, Eva Spunaugle, Jillian Griffiths, Kaytlin Baird, Jaxon Thomas, Cameron Goss, Brenon Mathews and Ian Wilson were all honored on senior night in a home dual with South Summit Jan. 4.

“The seniors have been a great force to set a standard for the team,” Schmitt said. “They bring energy and strong support for each member of the team.”

Union results Girls Team scores 1. Union, 192; 2. South Summit, 77.

Individual placing 200-yard medley relay – 1. Union (Kate Larsen, Sara Baird, Kaytlin Baird, Kennedy Freston) 2:19.62.

200-yard freestyle – 1. Sienna Scholes, 2:16.78; 2. Whitney Whiting, 2:21.82.

200-yard individual medley – 1. Katelyn Hanke, 2:56.28; 2. Callie Powell, 3:04.87.

50-yard freestyle – 2. Eva Spunaugle, 29.17; 4. Abbey Burnham, 29.23.

100-yard butterfly – 2.

Callie Powell, 1:25.83; 3.

Jillian Griffith, 1:26.39.

100-yard freestyle – 3. Eva Spunaugle, 1:06.20; 4. Belen Embleton, 1:09.20.

500-yard freestyle – 1. Sienna Scholes, 6:17.63; 2. Kynlee Hanke, 6:50.34.

200-yard freestyle relay – 1. Union (Sienna Scholes, Whitney Whiting, Eva Spunaugle, Abbey Burnham) 1:57.89.

100-yard backstroke – 1. Abbey Burnham, 1:15.13; 2. Kate Larsen, 1:16.50.

100-yard breaststroke – 1. Kaytlin Baird, 1:22.39; 2. Whitney Whiting, 1:24.69.

400-yard freestyle relay – 1. Union (Sienna Scholes, Eva Spunaugle, Whitney Whiting, Abbey Burnham) 4:30.75.

Boys Team scores 1. Union, 184; 2. South Summit, 95.

Individual placing 200-yard medley relay – 1. Union (Ryker Getchell, Keaton Schmitt, Stetson Batty, Boston Bennett) 1:54.66.

200-yard freestyle – 2. Zack Wood, 2:11.33; 3. Tate Pearson, 2:21.35.

200-yard individual medley – 1. Stetson Batty, 2:12.69; 3. Ryker Getchell, 2:32.09.

50-yard freestyle – 1. Boston Bennett, 23.67; 2. Jaxon Thomas, 25.77.

100-yard butterfly – 1.

Ashton Hadlock, 1:02.73; 3. Tate Pearson, 1:11.04.

100-yard freestyle – 1. Boston Bennett, 50.37; 3. Cameron Goss, 58.80.

500-yard freestyle – 2. Zack Wood, 5:57.45; 4. Preston Parker, 6:48.48.

200-yard freestyle relay – 1. Union (Stetson Batty, Ashton Hadlock, Cameron Goss, Boston Bennett) 1:39.67.

100-yard backstroke – 1. Ashton Hadlock, 1:08.55; 2. Brenon Mathews, 1:11.03.

100-yard breaststroke – 1. Stetson Batty, 1:08.57; 3. Tyler Hoopes, 1:16.16.

400-yard freestyle relay – 1. Union (Ryker Getchell, Kayson Zilles, Ashton Hadlock, Cameron Goss) 3:55.11.