Scholes setting records in the Union pool

Union High School sophomore Sienna Scholes is a record-breaking machine for the girls swim team.
The standout has three individual school records and is a part of three relay records.
The individual records are in the 200-yard freestyle (2:15.53), the 200-yard individual medley (2:35.79) and the 100-yard backstroke (1:12.08). She is on the 200-yard medley relay (2:11.19), the 200-yard freestyle relay (1:52.39) and the 400-yard freestyle relay (4:18.22) that have school records.
“It feels really good to have those school records,” Scholes said. “I’m surprised that I already have those records as a sophomore. I was happy that I got one my freshman year. I hope to have all the records by the time that I graduate.”
Scholes is two seconds away from breaking the 500-yard freestyle. Her top time is 6:17 and the record is 6:15. She has a career best time in the 100-yard freestyle at 1:01.
“I’m just one second away in the 100-yard freestyle,” she said. “I’m hoping to get that at the region meet.”
Scholes enjoys being an all-around swimmer where she can perform at a high level in any of the events.
“I like having a variety of choices,” she said. “It feels good to be at multiple things, just not one. I have always jumped around at each event.”
Scholes started to swim at the age of nine. She is the only member that competes in swimming.
“I had always enjoyed being in the water,” she said. “I decided to join the swim team. It has been a blast. I have been able to get faster at my times and get better at my technique.”
Union coach Justin Schmitt knew Scholes was going to be a force for the Lady Cougars.
“Sienna does a great job for us,” Schmitt said. “Last year she was just finding her groove. This year she has found it. She is willing to push through things. She is just a leader in all aspects.”
Schmitt said Union made great strides to prepare for the postseason.
“We are doing pretty good,” Schmitt said. “We are in a good position. I don’t feel any real concerns. We are just trying to nail down some more of the technique and the smaller details.”
Union closed out the regular season with a dual at Wasatch Academy Jan. 12.
“I like not having a meet for a couple of weeks,” Schmitt said.
Union is slated to compete in the Region 14 meet in Manti Jan. 27. .
“I expect the girls’ team to win,” Schmitt said. “There is going to be some good competition. Millard always does a good job of tapering and pulling out some good times. Juab will be a good competitor.
Schmitt believes the Cougars are going to be right in the mix for the region title.
“The team race should be between Union and Millard,” he added.
Union results
against Wasatch
200-yard medley relay – 3. Union (Sienna Scholes, Whitney Whiting, Kaytlin Baird, Eva Spunaugle) 2:13.93.
200-yard freestyle – 7. Kate Larsen, 2:29.45; 8/ Eva Spunaugle, 2:30.88.
200-yard individual medley – 4. Sienna Scholes, 2:36.32; 9. Katelyn Hanke, 2:55.75.
50-yard freestyle – 8. Chloe Aland, 29.69.
100-yard butterfly – 6. Callie Powell, 1:26.04; 7. Katelyn Hanke, 1:29.10.
100-yard freestyle – 7. Sienna Scholes, 1:01.60.
500-yard freestyle – 6. Belen Embleton, 6:54.59; 7. Stephanie Winn, 7:12.84.
200-yard freestyle relay – 6. Union (Kaytlin Baird, Jocelyn Hyder, Belen Embleton, Chloe Aland) 2:03.82.
100-yard backstroke – 8. Kate Larsen, 1:15.73.
100-yard breaststroke – 2. Katlyn Baird, 1:22.11; 4. Whitney Whiting, 1:23.88.
400-yard freestyle relay – 4. Union (Whitney Whiting, Kate Larsen, Eva Spunaugle, Sienna Scholes) 2:23.88.
200-yard medley relay – 3. Union (Boston Bennett, Stetson Batty, Cameron Gross, Ryker Getchell) 1:49.67.
200-yard freestyle – 1. Boston Bennett; 8. Zack Wood, 2:13.15.
200-yard individual medley – 5. Stetson Batty, 2:17.54; 8. Brenon Mathews, 2:32.78.
50-yard freestyle – 8. Jaxon Thomas, 27.22.
100-yard butterfly – 5. Cameron Goss, 1:00.87; 7. Ashton Hadlock, 1:02.24.
100-yard freestyle – 1. Boston Bennett, 52.30; 2. Ryker Getchell, 53.81.
500-yard freestyle – 5. Keaton Schmitt, 6:16.20; 6. Greyson Zager, 6:33.51.
200-yard freestyle relay – 2. Union (Stetson Batty, Cameron Goss, Ryker Getchell, Boston Bennett0 1:40.48.
100-yard backstroke – 4. Ryker Getchell, 1:06.73; 5. Jayce Burnham, 1:07.74; 6. Brenon Mathews, 1:08.43.
100-yard breaststroke – 1. Stetson batty, 1:09.71; 3. Keaton Schmitt, 1:11.97.
400-yard freestyle relay – 4. Union (Brenon Mathews, Jaxon Thomas, Greyson Zager, Ashton Hadlock) 4:04.26.